Executive Director

A portrait of Michael Brogioli. He has high grey hair, parted to his left. He is wearing an open collared shirt and a dark suite. He is against a blue speckled photographer's backdrop.

Michael Brogioli

Director of Membership & Meetings

A portrait of DeVonne Parks. She has black hair parted high on her right and covering part of her forehead. She is wearing a dark, suite in a pin-stripe plaid with a pearl neckless. There is a pale layered marble wall behind her.

DeVonne Parks

Office Administrator

A portrait of Frances Bowden Lee. She is a black woman with medium braids parted at the top of her head. She is wearing a dark read collared shirt with a lanyard around her neck.

Frances Bowden Lee

Manager, Membership & Communications

A portrait of Donald Taylor, a man with a medium smile and a mob of curly dark hair in a black collared shirt against a pattern of a blue pained wrought-iron gate

Donald Taylor

Project Coordinator

A photograph of Chernet Weldeab. He is an African-American with short, curly hair. He is wearing a purple patchy patterned sweater over a collared shirt.

Chernet Weldeab

Coordinator, Self-Advocate Engagement (PT)

Tia Nelis