TASH Committees

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Committees have the authority of the TASH Board of Directors in managing TASH and are established by TASH by-laws. Committees are either comprised exclusively of board members or chaired by a board member and by invitation only.

Executive Committee: All internal and operational issues-including those related to finance, human resources, price-setting, membership, etc., are handled by this committee.

External Affairs Committee: All external issues-including fundraising, public relations, and marketing are the responsibility of this committee.

Finance Committee:  The Treasurer is chair of the Finance Committee and this committee. The Finance Committee is responsible for the annual budget, annual audits and accounting procedures.

Personnel Committee: The purpose of this Committee is to provide overall policy guidance for personnel matters..

Elections Committee: This committee is responsible for the health and functioning of the board. It recruits new members, conducts orientation, produces board materials, and evaluates the performance of the board itself.  It is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the current board and for recruiting tomorrow’s leaders.

Conference Planning Committee: Provides direction and oversight for conference development, responsible for the evaluation and quality improvement for all conference content, and coordinates with the conference Host Committee to establish a theme, tone, special events and activities that refresh the conference each year.

Research and Publications Committee: Responsible for all TASH publications, including Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD), Inclusive Practices and other TASH-produced books and publications (without interfering with the editorial decision making process of the publications); and makes recommendations on matters of publication policy, pricing, and distribution.

Public Policy Committee: Develops TASH’s annual national agenda including the development of policy positions, strategies, and advocacy outreach; creates initiatives for engaging and building grassroots support for promoting TASH’s national agenda; provides analyses of federal and state legislative initiatives; develops strategies to elevate and TASH’s policy positions with Congress, federal and state agencies; and provides analyses of federal legislative initiatives.

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