Board of Directors

PresidentA color portrait of Jennifer Lengyel. She is smiling with pursed lips. She has straight, shoulder-length brown hair, a red shirt with a white undershirt, and a thin golden necklace.The background has large slanted windows with bright light streaming in.Jenny Lengyel
Community Living Chair
Vice PresidentJean Gonsier-Gerdin
Chapter Leadership Co-Chair


Treasurer A portrait of Brian Dion Brian Dion
Secretary A photograph of Deborah Taub. She has shoulder-length brown hair and a headband. She is smiling. There is a yellow lizard on her shoulder. Deborah Taub


Aaron Bishop photo Aaron Bishop
A color photograph of Ryan Duncanwood. He looks extremely excited and is smiling. Some of the supports of his power chair are visible behind him and he is wearing a purple lanyard that reads People First. Ryan Duncanwood


A colorful photograph of Denise Gould. She has bright orange hair, a purple shirt and a multicolored blue and orange wrap around her shoulders. Denise Gould
A photograph of Natalie Holdren. She is a woman of Pacific Island descent. She has long black hair parted and over one shoulder. She is standing in front of a colorful hedge. Natalie Holdren


Photograph of Christopher Lenart. He has dark hair, rectangular glasses, is pursing his lips and is wearing a white shirt and tie. Somewhat cropped out of the photograph are some people standing behind him. Christopher Lenart
Darrell Mattingly
Chapter Leadership Co-Chair


A photograph of Mathew McCollough. Mathew has close cropped black hair a large grin and is wearing a blue and silver striped shirt with a tie. Mathew McCollough
Matthew Medina Photo Matthew Medina


A portrait of LaQuita Montgomery. She is an African American woman. The photograph is close-in and she is tilting her head to one side. Her hair fills most of the frame. She has glasses and is smiling broadly. LaQuita Montgomery
A portrait of Chris Rodriguez. He has high dark hair and a sparse goatee. He is wearing a white shirt with a collar against a grey spotlit background. Chris Rodriguez


A portrait of Hezzy Smith. He has dark receded hair and a dark beard. He is wearing an open collared white shirt with a brick wall in the background. Hezzy Smith, Esq.
A close-in photograph of Virginia Walker. She is brightly illuminated owing to sheer curtains behind her and a bright catch light in her eyes. Virginia Walker