TASH Amplified: A Podcast Series

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Welcome to TASH Amplified, TASH's new podcast series. This series seeks to transform research and experience concerning inclusion and equity for people with disabilities into solutions people can use in their everyday lives. Click on the episode title below to listen to an episode or for the transcript and show notes. Or you can subscribe via iTunes or Android.

Season Four (2019)

# Title Guest Duration Date
1 When Students are Segregated: A Study of Least Restrictive Environment Statements Jennifer Kurth & Andrea Ruppar 49:52 8-Aug-2019

Season Three (2018)

# Title Guest Duration Date
1 Employee Retention in Competitive Integrated Employment for People with Disabilities Carol Schall 41:19 8-Oct-2018

Season Two (2017)

# Title Guest Duration Date
1 How to Talk to Your Senator about Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia 19:57 22-Jun-2017
2 The Individualized Education Program as a Living Document Amy Toson 30:25 7-Aug-2017

Season One (2016)

# Title Guest Duration Date
1 A Brief History of PBIS Rob Horner 42:00 26-Jan-2016
2 Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities: What We've Learned in 10 Years Jenny Root 17:48 12-Feb-2016
3 Reflections on 40 Years of Agency Community Supports Lyle Romer 29:55 18-Mar-2016
4 Faith and Flourishing: Equipping Your Church to Reach Out to People with Disabilities Peter McKechnie 16:33 24-Mar-2016
5 Faith and Flourishing: Welcoming Children with Disabilities and their Families Amy Fenton Lee 26:03 4-Apr-2016
6 Faith and Flourishing: Hidden in Plain Sight Bill Gaventa 22:28 20-Apr-2016
7 Special Education Teachers and the General Education Curriculum Amy Petersen 26:17 25-Apr-2016
8 What Matters to Family Members when a Relative Transitions to Community Living Jennifer Jones and Kami Gallus 40:46 12-May-2016
9 Building Communities to Support People with Disabilities Alicia DeLashmutt 28:29 26-May-2016
10 Presentations on Recreation and Leisure for People with Disabilities at the TASH Annual Conference Susan Fleming 24:33 3-Jun-2016
11 Barb Trader Reflects on a Lifetime of Accomplishment in Disability Rights Barb Trader 51:13 30-Jun-2016
12 Self-Advocacy and the Culture of Punk Music Sean Gray 1:06:00 8-Jul-2016
13 From Angry Mom to Power Mom: The Parent Training and Information Centers and Your Child's Individualized Education Program Paula Wills and Michelle Phillips 29:18 20-Oct-2016
14 #CripTheVote and Online Disability Activism Alice Wong and Andrew Pulrang 1:08:29 10-Nov-2016
15 TASH Annual Conference Wednesday Workshop Preview: Faith and Inclusion Mona Fuerstenau and Anthony Armitage 54:50 26-Nov-2016
16 TASH Annual Conference Preview: Inclusion Means Diversity and Cultural Competency Natalie Holdren 19:43 27-Nov-2016

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